CHURCH wedding is NOT the same as a WHITE wedding- Ebere Uzopeters writes.

An Online Evanglist by name Ebere Uzopeters has brought to his friend on facebook that Church wedding is not the same with as a WHITE wedding. He said,
Bear in mind that a CHURCH wedding is NOT the same as a WHITE wedding.
White wedding is for WHITES, or from them.
Church wedding is for CHRISTIANS.
Marrying in a church building does not make it a church wedding.
Suit and tie or white gown does NOT make it a church wedding.
A church wedding is the cheapest wedding you can do. In fact, BLACKS spend more money than the average White on ‘White Weddings’, and by blacks, I mean Africans.
A church wedding is not a reception party. It is good to entertain people, but it is NOT compulsory.
You can do a church wedding without spending your liver and cerebellum.
You can do a church wedding in simple yet elegant clothes. It doesn’t have to be from Italy or Dubai, unless you can well afford it.
You can do a church wedding in a church building, your pastor’s office, a nice hall, a garden, your sitting room, or on a private jet.
A church wedding is two adult saints, one male and one female, making vows of marriage to each other, in the presence of their local church family, under the authority of their church leadership, and in the name of Jesus.
Whether the whole church is 10 people or 10,000.
That is a church wedding.
I hope you understand.
May God gives us insight to understand His way is different from the ways of Man.
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