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Khetwayo yet delivers another hit from his upcoming album to be released in 2019; details and releases date for the album will be released early next year. Last year Khetwayo released another hit single Jehovah (set iTunes link for download). In this new song called relate, Khetwayo talks about anthropomorphism and the incarnation of Christ. Anthropomorphism comes from two Greek words: anthropos (man) and morphe (form).

Therefore, an anthropomorphism is when God appears to us or manifests Himself to us in human form or even attributes to Himself human characteristics. Anthropomorphism is the ascription to the Supreme Being of the form, organs, operations, and general characteristics of human nature. In this new song, he talks of how God took the human form to experience human nature. Jesus took the same emotions and experienced the same things we face e.g., he cried when Lazarus died, Judas betrayed him, tempted by the devil for 40 days etc.

Khetwayo further points out that we are not alone when we face such things because God faced them before us. He also points out that the first point God related with us was when he created us in his own image and put man in the Garden of Eden. Hence, we can say that God has been relating with us from the beginning.
Malawi’s best international producer Yesaya has produced the song.

What sets Khetwayo apart is the unique sound of music. He has embraced his African tradition such that he fuses African sounds in music.

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