Bliss parents knew about their relationship but it did not really bother them much because her father was a mean spirited man that did not need to repeat himself before his child obeyed him.

He was relatively rich . Bliss was actually the last born child.
The few occasions that Michelle tried talking to Bliss father about Kelly and Bliss affair, he nonchalantly waved it off saying:
“Just let it be for now. When it’s time, I know what to do.”

These children are getting too close for comfort and before you know it, they will become inseparable,” Michelle told her husband once and again.

” You worry over irrelevant things woman, I said I will handle it at the right time. Please, get me my phone, I need to speak with “Rev. Chike,” still glued to the television he was watching.

Michelle left him murmuring. She did not want her daughter to experience heart break before marriage. So, she decided to counsel her before it became too late.

So, one evening, she took her out to the mall and bought her some favourite gifts.

On their way back, Michelle began to psych up Bliss on her relationship with Pastor Kelly.

“What of pastor Kelly? Michelle asked darting a glance at her countenance.

He is fine,” Bliss answered blushing.

How much do you like him?”
Michelle asked Bliss again but this time, Bliss could not answer her.

She began to bite her fingers and not looking at the mother.

The mother decided to use the opportunity to talk to her. She told Bliss that she was too young to be that close to a boy.

She told her that boys were distractions and any responsible girl should stay away from them until the person comes of age.

But Pastor Kelly does not distract me. Instead, he helps me to be serious with my spiritual life,” Bliss cut in.

“You don’t have to wait for him to distract you before you avoid him.
It is always good to make hay when the sun shines,” She counseled.

Michelle cooked up some stories of how men ruined women.

Unfortunately for her, all her cock and bull stories cut no ice with Bliss because she had not seen any of those things in Kelly.

She just decided not to talk but listen to what her mother had to say out of respect.

Michelle continued talking until she noticed that Bliss was already crying.
She was taken aback.

What is the matter, Bliss? Don’t tell me you’re crying simply because I’m giving you some useful piece of advice on how to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future?

She stopped and wiped her tears as she continued trying to convince her daughter against their relationship.

She noticed that Bliss was really hurt and that her entreaties are having the opposite effect.

” My dear, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was only trying to protect you..” she was still talking when Bliss cut her in gently.

“Protect me from what mum? You advised me not to keep many friends and I heeded that advice. Now you are telling me to stay away from my pastor. Mummy why?

This is not fair. He is just a friend and that is all.
Come to think of it, if I start distancing myself from Kelly and he asks me why, what do I tell him is my reason?” She cried, ” As far as I know, Kelly is as decent a person as anybody can be. I have no reason or whatsoever to be rude or bad to him, ” she stated firmly.
Michelle was touched.

It then dawned on her that her daughter was already too far gone and so fond of Kelly that it would be difficult to stop them.

And because she could not bear seeing Bliss cry like that, she apologized to her and promptly closed the discussion.

“It’s okay Bliss, stop crying. I will not talk about this again. Okay? Wipe your tears.

Michelle got home and told her husband what transpired between her and Bliss on her disturbing relationship with Kelly.

Felix was surprised because he did not know that the two children had gone that far.

He was indeed amazed at Michelle’s reaction. So he quickly began to think of how to put a permanent end to their relationship.

He felt the best way to do it was to change church.
“Since out of sight is out of mind, Kelly and Bliss will soon forget about each other and that will settle the matter for good,” he reasoned.

But that will still not solve the problem so long as they still keep in touch,” Michelle said, Do you need a soothsayer to tell you that by now, they should have each other’s phone number off hand?

Technology, especially the use of mobile phones has shortened distance and erased time.

Felix retorted angrily; she can’t marry a pastor. Her career will not end up in full time ministry where people only kabash and fall under anointing.

The last time I visited her father on this matter he said his son can’t marry our daughter that distance is a barrier.

Felix shook his head in thought. He sighed and left Michelle there. Michelle too shrugged and went to check out what Bliss was doing in her room.

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