The foolishness of God is greater than the wisdom of man. God doesn’t not see things the way we mortals see it.

It sounds foolish right?
Can I gist you a bit? Want to be your gist plug please…

God hid the money Jesus and Peter needed in a common fish.
Who could ever think that fish can produce money. When did fish became an ATM machine?

God hid Jonah’s means of transportation to Nieneveh in the belly of a fish.
Who could imagine that a fish could be means of transportation.

God his the mantle of Moses in a common stick, who could tell that a stick can divide the red sea.

God hid Joseph destiny in hatred.
If anyone had told his brothers that hating him for his dreams would give him an easy ticket to his destiny, they would have loved him instead, to avert his destiny.

God his the death of a giant man in an ordinary stone.
Have you imagine a stone hitting you to death, just on the first hit?….
No!, But that was what transpired between David and Goliath.

And God hid Jesus’s Victory in death
And the devil fall into the trap to execute that which looks like foolish thing.
Seeking to kill Jesus not knowing that death was his purpose of existence which will give birth to many Jesus…!

So you see that God’s wisdom is sometimes placed in something that makes no sense…

The question is
If the will of the Lord makes no sense to you will you go, will you do it??
That’s was a question that came up in
“NOT MY WILL” (a City Of Zion movie production)https://youtu.be/vun3NPxaFEY

And my prayers became…!
Lord even if I wanted to diviate from your will, do to me like you did to Jonah.
I hope you understood.

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