How to be Intimate with God

Every christian desires to have an intimate relationship with God.  We all know that we ought to be close to God but most times we wonder how we can be close to him and if we are even worthy of being called his friend.

Dearly beloved, you are accepted in the family of God hence you have no reason to hide. You need to stop comparing people’s relationship with God to yours. Know that God’s love you and also desires intimacy with you ; it’s a two sided relationship. You’re not the only one that yearns for intimacy with God, he yearns for yours too.

It may be very confusing on how to develop a relationship with God or cultivating your relationship with him but it’s not as hard as It seems.

  1. Pray

Prayer as we all know is communication with God. It’s something we were very accustomed to during our Sunday school classes and our teachers would assign someone to pray at the close of class. Prayer is one of the ways we develop intimacy with God. It’s the way he speaks to us, guides our minds and still our heart’s.

Prayer is a very powerful tool in developing a relationship with God and it should not be as a burden but rather as a communication with your loved one. There are times when you don’t feel like praying but there’s something heavy in your heart. Why not take that time and communicate with your father ? Know that he cares for you .

  • Bible study

Asides from prayer, bible study is another way to develop intimacy with God. Studying your bible is an avenue where God speaks to you through his word and you’ll also get a chance of knowing whe he is. It’s not easy and at times you might find it being a burden but the end results are wonderful.

  • Joining a church

This is the most important way of cultivating a relationship with God. The church is more than just a place to show off your amazing clothes and snap Sunday pictures. Rather, it’s a place where believers come and fellowship with one another. You receive strength and help when believers fellowship with each other.

4 Godly relationships

Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are ; the same applies in a personal relationship with God . The Bible says can two walk together expect they agree ? If you desire intimacy with God , you should also associate yourself with people who desire the same. You can’t do it all by yourself even if it’s a personal relationship with you and God. You need to be among people who will help you when you’re down and encourage you in the Lord and the strength of the word.

Most times we feel confused and lost on having a personal relationship with God. We think there are a set of rules or instructions that we have to follow just to be close to God. Thankfully there  aren’t any rules on such , it’s just you and your loving father the veil has been torn.

Intimacy with God
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