I dislike legalism But I love Deeper Life Bible Church

I dislike legalism
But I love Deeper Life Bible Church

I dislike flamboyance
But I love Christ Embassy

I dislike monotony in worship
But I love the Anglican Church

I dislike liturgies and recitation
But I love the Catholic church

I dislike joining churches already very large
But I love the Redeemed Christian Church of God

I dislike focusing on deliverance
But I love Mountain of Fire and Miracles

I dislike focusing on material wealth
But I love all the churches who do

I dislike focusing on prophets and prophetesses
But I love all the churches who do

I dislike saying the obvious…lol
But I overlove the Household of David.

I dislike several things that people have said are seen in many churches; but I love the Body of Christ in whatever form they come.

So long as they believe in God, who is the Father
The Creator of all that exists
And Jesus Christ the Son, as Saviour and Lord
In whom alone in salvation from sin
And the Holy Spirit sent down to prepare a people for the world to come.

And take the Scriptures as the unalterable inerrant and wholesome word of God.

Then I count them as brothers and sisters
Of the same Father, planted in the same Christ, by the same Spirit.

I might not be able to fellowship with everyone
But in my heart I am in fellowship with everyone who has put their faith in Christ Jesus

I smile inwardly when I meet another Christian
Regardless of their church or denomination
I will not invite an established believer to my church
But I have already invited them to my brotherhood
In the same embrace of Christ.

Whether they shave their beards or curl their hair
Whether they wear cassocks or shredded jeans.
Whether they were trousers or garments or sweep-the-ground-for-us skirts
Whether they sing hymns like Fanny Crosby or rap like Lecrae
Whether they are full of rules or full of fun
Whether they are white, brown, yellow or black
Whether they meet in cathedrals, stadiums, backyards or parlours

None of that matters to me.

What matters to me is

‘Are’ you born again?
Do you now belong to Jesus?

If your answer is Yes.

Then you are my brother
And I am your brother.

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