Malawian Christian Hip Hop Artist LIWU Releases New Single ”Ulendo” | @li_woo

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”ULENDO” (Journey in chichewa) is a Single done by Malawian CHH Artist, Liwu. The record talks about man’s journey and what’s next after this Life. Liwu raps about life, how sin and temptations come for everyone, including Christians, but assures the listener a hope in Jesus and a place (heaven) where there will be sin no more. He raps, “if you are hearing this, then you have another chance”

Liwu is a versatile Malawian Christian lyricist known for his thought provoking metaphors and his infusion of faith in his expression of his world-view. A growing Christian, husband and all round creative, Liwu is not afraid to wear all of his hats as he influences his generation towards Spiritual and Social growth, while remaining true to his cultural heritage and Malawian roots.


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