Must We Trust God

There are times as Christians where we face trials and tribulations. You might think that since you’re a child of God, that means you have no issues to be bothered about. That reality quickly fades away when you come face to face with troubles.

You wonder if God cares for you as his word says, or think that God has abandoned you at this point. No, he hasn’t, and he’s right there with you. The enemy may make you think he has left you and you all alone, but remember, God has never failed and he won’t start now .

Trusting God is honestly easy, but most people think it’s quite difficult. It’s hard for some simply because they don’t know who God is. Many people treat God as a distant figure in the sky while others see him as their loving father. It matters who God is to. Is he your healer? Provider? Comforter? Then you’ll see his manifestations in your life.

You can only trust God when you know him and how can you know him if you don’t study his word? The word of God is a guide for us as Christians that lets us know who our father is. Knowing God builds your faith and trust in him.

Imagine a situation where you asked your dad for money and he told you he’ll give it to you. You have so much confidence that what you’re doing will definitely do what he said. Then why do we find it so hard to trust God when he speaks to us through his word? It’s because we don’t know him and that comes when we have a relationship with him. You may put your trust in men and they will fail you, but God never fails.

So when the trials and tribulations come, we blame God and wonder why he has left us. We cannot recognise that he is always with us and his word says : that he would never leave us nor will he forsake us. So when the troubles and tribulations come in like a flood, you are conscious of the fact that God will never leave you . Affirm it, believe it and receive it.

We need to stand firm on the promises that God has made to us and has declared over our lives. Most times, the enemy comes and plants seeds of doubt and fear in our minds, telling us that God is not true to his word. We must stand strong and rebuke the devil and his evil thoughts.

It’s only when you yield and submit yourself to God that you’ll get your victory. Don’t believe the lies of the devil. God cares for you and has you in his heart. 

Having a personal relationship with God is the best way to build your trust in God. Studying his word, praying and being in association with godly friends. Trusting God is never easy, but it pays .

Trust God…

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