The journey of a thousand miles begins with a decision not a step. You first decided to make a journey to a thousand miles, map out a destination and then get determination before you could take a step. You can’t be taking a step without deciding a destination.

Your decision would guild you to your destination. Decision is what Daniel did in Daniel chapter 1 verse 8. Decision takes place in the heart. “Daniel proposed in his heart”. Your decision will make or mare you. The best advice is the advice of self which is personal decision.

God has plans for your life, yes! But your Decision determines whether it will be a reality or be tanished.

Haven’t you heard that your decision determines your destination.

How can my decision make God’s purpose for my life a reality?

1. Decide to be close to God always he will give you grace to make right choices. Grace is the power to overcome sin not license to sin.

2. Decide to let go of all the besetting sin around you: sin drags you backwards, and prevent you from communion with God. Decide to let go.

3. Decide your company : Show me you friend and I will show you your destination. Your circle of friends has a lot of influence on your destination. Choose your friends don’t let them choose you.

4. Decide to obey instructions (from both God and human): Don’t close your door with your own hands by not listening to divine instructions.

5. Decide to love: love all but trust none. It’s God’s command to love. I see love as a personality, Which is the person of God. God is love.

6. Decide the attraction you get: You get both Godly and ungodly attraction through your dress sense. The way you dresses will amount to the way you will be viewed by people.

Get your decisions right and your generation will call you blessed.

@Nzeribe Oluchukwu Blessing (Noble)


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