Note: it’s not only men that cheats, but this particular teaching is to handle cheating as associated with men….

Men cheat because they’re men…. this can be a notion that a person is entitled to cheat and zilch happens if he does. Mist African tradition allows men to possess concubines and lots of wives but stringent on the ladies folk….
Solution: this is often a negative mindset meant to kill men before their time. A mentor doesn’t need to cheat to prove he’s a man…. Cheating hurts women the maximum amount because it hurts a person when a girl cheats, so nobody is meant to try and do what hurts his partner he claimed to like

Men cheat Because they have an inclination to understand what they don’t have quite what they need
Solution: what’s in between a woman’s legs no matter how beautiful she is is simply a hole and that’s just what it’s, if your wife could be a woman, then there’s nothing special if you have a go at it another woman outside….

Guess what? This doesn’t really be to most men until after ejaculation. That’s once they realize the vanity of sleeping around…..

Men cheat because they are doing not fear God.
A man who fears God will never cuckold his wife because he knows the results of adultery….

Solution . Remember that there’s a God in heaven who sees everything we do here on earth. If you cheat your wife because she can’t does one anything, you provoke God to try and do you something.

This could be the explanation why some men die young.

Men cheat thanks to lack of self control.
Solution: a person who lacks self control can make up diverse temptations. If you would like to own a more peaceful and fulfilled life, self control virtue must be in you

Men cheat because they need friends that drink and cheat…
Yes, some men who cheat today weren’t cheating once they where staying reception with their family. Once a person start having wayward friends, he will start doing what wayward men do. it’s very difficult to possess cheating friends and not cheat.

It is impossible to be drinking in beer parlor always and not see strange things…..

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