The people didn’t sin against anyone.

They never collected any body’s wife.

Neither did they insult any body.

Yet the Devil traced them to the womb to fight them.

Made them deaf and dumb from the womb….

Collected their abilities that would’ve been a blessing to their world and gave them doctor’s report.

Friend, the Devil is a bad Devil…

But the Devil is only a fighter, he’s not a winner! Jesus is!

We went to the school for the hearing impaired people on wednesday.

It was just young Boys and Girls without bible school certificates.

Most of them have not read theology, they’ve only read their bible.

Most are not Pastors in any Church…

Just young believers that are desperate to prove the Devil a liar in their days.

And for many days they waited on God in prayer and fasting, trusting God to make name for Himself again like the days of their fathers.

We saw innocent people that the Devil was using to deny the power of the Cross there.

From the womb, the Devil had sworn to use them to paint God black that His power has finished.

We saw them…

With tears in my eyes, I prayed one prayer and said…

“Lord Jesus, these are your image, if this is the way you look, leave them like this!!!”

Jesus answered to His name swiftly and threw His weight around amongst them.

One already jumped out in excitement that he could hear.

Ooh Jesus!!! Your power sounds like lie!

And to the glory of God, no one left there with the shame the Devil placed on them.

I have been in tears since wednesday.

They said we’re on the process of closing the school with what happened on wednesday.

It’s verifiable…

Not one person we met in that school on wednesday left there deaf or dumb…

We don’t know what this is called in the catalogue of the move of God.

But we’ve been asking the Lord to take His glory and do more with us.

Please feel free to verify…

At School for the hearing impaired people, world bank housing estate, Umuahia, Abia State. 13th January.

You will see the videos if you ask for it!

Jesus is no more in the grave!

What God can not do does not exist!

What God can not do does not exist!

What God can not do does not exist!

What if I told you, that thing you’ve always believed God for will happen, just like that!!!



But who will not serve a God like this?


Let us thank God!

@Kingsword AMADI

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