Let’s talk about life…
Life is a period of living or being alive. It’s the period between birth and death. It’s characterized by breathing.
The summery of Life is Risk, Faith and learning.
Life is all about you talking a risk over and over again believing it would work out that is Faith, and when you fail in each taken risk, it teaches you a lesson that is learning. As much as life is concerned learning continues.
It’s risky to sleep you know having heard that sleep is a gap between the living and the dead, we feel the gap while sleeping yet we take the RISK of sleeping and have FAITH that we must wake up and when uncertainty happens it teaches us to pray before sleeping ( LEARNING).
Nevertheless we ought to be mindful of the risk we take in life, to be mindful of this, it’s very important to note the triangle of life (Three phase of life).
Triangle has three faces so does life, this three phases is what I tagged “MAN”
First phase M – Morning
Second phase A – Afternoon
Third phase N – Night
MORNING PHASE: This is the first stage of every man’s life, it’s a period between birth and adulthood. It can be stated to be from age one to twenty five years and there about. This phase is a period of discovery.
What must you discover at this period of my life? There are 7 THINGS TO DISCOVER
…Discover your identity
… Discover your purpose
… Discover goal
… Discover your Uniqness
Discover your TAG
… Talent
… Ability
… Gift

  1. Your identity: Who I’m I ? Is a question of identity. Your Identity is the description of your personality, who you are and what you are.
    Why must you discover your identity: if you know your identity, you will not die as a nonentity.
  2. Your purpose: what I’m I here to do? is a question of purpose. purpose is your reason for existence. God created us for a reason. Jer 1:5 “before I formed you in the womb, I knew you and before you were born I concentrated you, I appointed you a prophet to the nations” . Therefore for life to be meaningful you have to discover purpose.
    Why must we discover purpose?
    ~7 Reasons why we must discover purpose~
  3. It choose your location
  4. It simplifies your life
  5. It choose people around you (friends)
  6. It gives you boldness
  7. It gives joy
  8. It tells you how to dress.
  9. It gives you attitude.
    Life could be meaningless without these 7 mentioned above. And for you to discover purpose you have to start with a connection with God who created you for a purpose, him alone knows the reason He created you
  10. Discover your goal: where am I going from here? Is a question of goal. Your goal can be seen as your direction and destination of achieving purpose. The purpose you want to achieve which direction will lead you to that destination.
  11. Discover your Uniqness: what made me difference? Your Uniqness is what made you different from everyother person on earth. When you discover your Uniqness you won’t be in competition with anybody because you’ve already known that you’re different.
  12. Discover your Talent: what are those skills you find yourself doing without stress? Your talent could be what you can physically do and it looks unique. Discover it.
  13. Discover your ability: what is my strength limit? Those things your can do very well, discover it
  14. Gift: what are my spiritual endowment? Your gift are those spiritual capacity and capabilities given to you by God. It might take you time to discover. You do that in the place of prayer.
    The reason why you live the way you live, is because you’ve not discovered anything about yourself. When all these are being discovered by you then your living will change, your circle of friends will change as well, your dressing would change.
    NB: morning phase is not a period of relationship, but if any it must be a positive one. It’s also a period of education.
    AFTERNOON PHASE: This is the second stage of every man’s life, the period between adulthood and old age. It could be stated to be from age twenty-six (26) through fifty (50). This is a period of development and investment. It’s a period you develop all you’ve discovered in the morning. Work on them and start making use of it. Marriage and relationship happens in this second phase.
    NB: If you fail to do your work in the morning you will do a double work in the afternoon.
    NIGHT PHASE: This is the last stage of every man’s life. This is the period of old age. It could be stated to be from Age 51 through 75 and above. This is the moment you sit to enjoy your investment. It’s not a period of work rather it’s a period of rest.
    NB: if you fail to do your work appropriately, you are bond to live your third phase in regrets.
    Having know all These I believe your life and mindset would change. The reason why you behave the way you behave is because you’ve not discovered the three(3) phases of life. This phases passes with time, it wait for nobody so if you’re still in your morning phase you’re in much advantage. If you’re already in your afternoon phase, you can still fasten your sit belt so you won’t regret much at the final phase of your life.

I’m still your friend and sister Nzeribe Oluchukwu Blessing (NOBle)

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