What Is It In Your Hand? –

Open your hands, there is something in there, then what is it?
What is that, in your hand?
This is the same question God asked Moses in Exodus chapter 4 verse 2 and Moses replied with “a stick”.
To Moses a stick was in his hand but to God Moses was holding power or a mantle. The same stick devoured the powers of the Egyptians in form of snake, parted the red sea, gushed out water from the rock and a lot more.
Can I ask you same question? What is that, in your hand?
There is something in your hand that can set a generation free. How do you see what is in your hand?. How you see it determines How you will use it.
You are living, without knowing what is in your hand.
In someone’s hand lies the cure to a particular disease but he might still be seeing it as an ordinary stick (Tablet).
When you discover what is in your hand, you will do exploit with is. Isn’t it time you awake the sleeping giant in you, else you go to hell with it because your potentials are not needed in heaven.

  1. Set you free: the Israelites were able to leave Egypt to Canaan, after Moses had discovered what he was holding. The potential in your hand can set you free from bondages which the devil subjected you to.
  2. Make a way for you: That of Moses parted the red sea, it actually made a way, not just for Moses but also for the Israelites. Once your potential is been discovered, it will make a way for generations.
  3. It gives you life: Water(life) goshed out from the rock and they regained life and strength. Your potentials is your life so it’s important to know what exactly is that in your hand.
  4. Feed you: The gift of a man makes a way for him. Your potential can feed you and your generation.
  5. Make you famous: That which is in your hand is different from another’s hand ao yours can make you famous. Who doesn’t know Moses? He can be dated as old as the old testament yet our generation still hear of him.
  6. Gives you strength and boldness: Moses got the boldness to stand before pharaoh when he understands in capacity and strength the stick in his hand was caring.
  7. Makes you happy : a fulfilled man is a happy man.
    What is that, in your hand?
    You might be wondering how you could know what was written in your hand. Let me help you.
    You can only know the strength and capacity of what is in your hand, when you have an encounter with God. Moses have the stick many years until he met God at the mount. That encounter alone lectured him the capability of his holding.
    Discover God.
    Connect to God, he alone can help you identify what lies in your hands.
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