Why is it when it comes to church, that you want to dictate to them when they must marry you, and get angry when they give you a date?

If you sit down with your family to decide the date for traditional wedding, and you fulfill all the requirements the elders tell you to fulfill
And you go to the court to get a date for court wedding, and fulfill all the requirements the court instructs you to fulfill
Why is it when it comes to church, that you want to dictate to them when they must marry you, and get angry when they give you a date?
Young people don’t respect God.
Is the church setting a date for a traditional wedding or for a court wedding; or for your church wedding?
Isn’t it rather irresponsible to tell a church when they must marry you? Oh, they don’t have their processes, programs, calendar etc They are just a one xbet channel waiting for you to enter your code, abi?
Such disrespect!
If the family won’t consider you married even with court wedding and church without fulfilling traditional rites, and the courts won’t consider you legally married even with traditional and church wedding, without following legal proceedings;
Why do you expect the church to consider you married with your traditional and court, without taking your vows before God’s people?
Young people don’t fear God
If bride price and marriage vows before a priest don’t matter in court
And marriage vows before a priest and court vows before a magistrate don’t matter before family elders
Why should bride price and court vows be sufficient for the church of Jesus Christ?
Young people don’t respect God
You claim there is no place in the Bible or in the New Testament where church weddings were done?
Are you kidding me?
First, is there a place in the New Testament where Christians participated in politics?
Yet, you support that one without scriptural evidence.
Young people don’t fear God
Second, although the new testament does not go into the daily living of the Christians in detail like weddings and stuff, but if you read properly, you will see that the church was the new family that every child of God belonged to.
Christians had nothing else in this world!
You will see things like
“the believers were together”
“they had all things common”
“they met from house to house in one accord”
It is very clear that it wasn’t possible for any of them to get married outside this family of believers.
And the proof or evidence is there!
1 Corinthians 7:39
A wife should stay married to her husband until he dies. Then she is free to marry again, BUT ONLY TO A MAN WHO IS A FOLLOWER OF THE LORD.
It is clear. The church had a rule. The church had a say in the marriage of real believers. You couldn’t just marry anyone.
The person HAD TO BE a Christian. Believers were to marry ONLY believers.
Is it parents that determined that? Family elders? Courts of law? No. Not at all.
It was THE CHURCH! It means when anyone wanted to marry, they took their intending(s) to the church leaders!
The truth is many young people don’t really honor God’s church.
That’s why you can’t get to work and you send a message as soon as possible; but you can’t make church and you don’t care. You even get angry that no one checked on you.
You go late to work and you’re explaining yourself, but you always stroll in, during church meetings, as per your father’s house abi?
Abi not. You don’t really love God or fear Him.
You are a pikin of Christ, but the church needs sons and daughters. Soldiers of Christ.
That’s why you can spend any amount of time or money on anything else, parties etc; but when it comes to His church, you become an international economist
We have a generation of people who majorly know scriptures only when it comes to
– doing what they like
– saying what they like
– wearing what they like
– supporting unchristian ideas like polygamy,
– finding fault with the church, tithes etc
They don’t know what church is. The church that God bought with His blood, the ground and pillar of truth that Jesus is building and coming back for.
Imperfect yet precious beyond words
And they are missing out a lot of the blessing and calling of God upon their lives.
I come in peace.
The peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
May God come for our help…. Amen
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